Not all Anodizers are created equal!
It’s a difficult lesson to learn the hard way. Improperly choosing our anodization partners early on led us to having excessive quality issues, late deliveries and thousands of dollars in loss due to damaged parts. It wasn’t until we partnered with CT Anodizing that we realized the true value of a proper anodization partner. From our first run of parts to current production runs years later we now have color consistency, high tolerance adherence and on time delivery. Today our QC issues are nearly nonexistent and we are experiencing much higher levels of profitability as a result. Learn from our experiences and choose CT Anodizing from the start
— Aaron Bethlenfalvy CEO Of Alpha Dog Silencers
J.V. Precision Machine Co. has been utilizing CT Anodizing & Finishing services for a number of years and value the work they produce. The quality and timeliness of their work is accurate and dependable. They are also incredibly diverse when it comes to large and small size pieces. All of J.V. Precision’s needs are met for every job, and we look forward to continue our relationship with them
— From The Visinki Family Of JV Precision Machine

I have worked as a manufacturer in the Aerospace/Defense and Medical industry since 1988. I have firsthand experience with almost every anodizer and cerakote company in the Northeast. CT Anodize is by far the most consistent, highest quality company I have had the privilege of using for all my Anodize, Hard Anodize and Cerakote applications. My patented product sells all over the World and requires very exact tolerances and aesthetics to appease the pickiest customers. CT Anodize has provided me thousands of superior, flawless products time and time again
— Jim Muller President of Muller Chokes LLC
Great quality and excellent customer service are key factors when working with another company.
However, when you find a company that provided both, in a timely manner, you know you’ve found a
winner. As the operations manager at Kinetic Development Group, I have found my interactions with CT Anodizing & Finishing services to be unparalleled and I look forward to working with them in the future
— Kinetic Development Group

We have been using CT Anodizing & Finishing for many years as a specialized metal finisher for hard anodize, regular anodize and now with their newest process Cerakote we are able to offer more colors on different metals and composites. The family run business provides great attention to detail and makes doing business with them enjoyable
— Mitch Shultz owner of Gunsmithing LTD